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Our first suggestions on global project campaign's for us to run together. A great suggestion has arisen from Ternura Rojas, Pan Americana AND Michelle Angela Kim in regards to a global project we can set up in regards to water.

1. Blue Gold - Written by Pan Americana

My water visionary is Michelle Angela Kim with her post:

I'm assisting her with the effort, trying to contribute to its success.

I will contribute the asymmetric engagement perspective.

I'm proposing that we petition to the WB, WHO, UN, etc.
for them to ask Pepsico, evian, etc to start selling water in Africa at the
same price they sell soda. Michelle informs me that they are selling
water in some places at 3 times the price of soda.

In addition Im proposing that we petition the aforementioned organizations
to work with the aforementioned companies to fund serious research and
massive production of resilient clean water solutions
for the people of the world that need them.

As a plan B, I propose a class action suit to the aforementioned companies.
We would need a legal tiger team for that of about 20-30 lawyers.
Any lawyers here?

I reckon we need to involve people like Michael Moore and Oprah,
if it is to get past tipping point exposure.


Ok, petition created here:

EVOKES petition for the water crisis
The Petition

"We propose to the bottling companies of the world
(Pepsi, Evian, etc.) and to the international governing bodies
(UN, WB, WHO, etc.) to find ways to sell drinking water to
people in Africa at the same price soda is provided to them.
In addition, we petition for all of you to find a way
to fund serious research and massive production
of resilient clean water generation systems
for the all the people of the world."

2. We missed this year but for next World Water Day; 22nd March 2011 let's get out there and run a campaign!

Campaign: promoting all with daily access to uncontaminated water to stop their taps for that one day for atleast 5-7hrs lets say. No water for toilets, no water to just drink, no shower. For one day people have to experience what some people are facing everyday.

We all partake and get people to sponsor us so we can raise some money which we can then decide we want to hold and use for a larger project or raise for a charity of our choice in regards to water and sanitation we trust most to make some change. Biggest Goal: To get more people involved and our marketing campaign huge so hundreds and thousands if not more people participate over the world, so more campaigns can follow.

3. More immediately we start a idea for us all to run workshops globally on water throughout this year whenever possible. Let's work as a team. The workshop best methods we haven't done a full scope analysis on to know best way to run them, so might be a while before we have a working document. But think together with everyone's input EvokeForever we got one of out first campaigns and global projects and we can start making things happen! Knowledge sharer's I urge you to start helping the scope and adding water and sanitation topics in the water and sanitation discussion board!

Together we than scope the Workshops content and get a Document rolled up with plan, workshop structures and 'how to carry out' this type workshop we can then promote here as well as on the facebook, google groups, twitter, etc marketing platforms and get people themselves joining our movement.


Hope you agree these will be a great Global projects and looking very much forward to feedback- team.


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  • Michael says:

    Well, from an efficiency standpoint, it might make sense to compile materials that anyone interested could use to run stated workshops. Powerpoint projects, lists of provocative questions, effective group activities designed to concretize the experience for the audience, etc. What forum would be most effective for centralizing information for use in workshops, as well as storing of community files for presentation?

    April 4, 2010 at 2:51 PM | Permalink

  • Radhika says:

    Exactly the idea :-). Forum on Projects - Topic Water Workshops be the place to discuss. File cabinet place to start designing and storing powerpoint presentations, handouts, etc which we can all then access put note we editing and add back.

    April 6, 2010 at 8:16 PM | Permalink


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