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Posted by Radhika / on 05/10/2010 / 1 Comment


Hi Everyone,

Place for every member to voice their want and purpose of this site, network. So please do so here, this is where i urge you to voice your vision of E4E. Let's create, build and get grounded as a great, real network.

We've already had and some input on a goal for transformation of the platform. These are great and will definately be coming into the vision. See: Inclusion Project.

For now, lets get a platform Vision, Goal, Objective in concrete by all contributing. Feedback will make it clear what we all want, how we see this site and get it up and runnning.

My visions are like are on the homepage:

EVOKE Forever has been created has been created to allow people to come together, share knowledge on the World and make things happen in key areas affecting the world today. Evoke Forever is a network to help create a sustainable, developed world for us all. A uncensored network collaboration by humans all over the world, for all humans all over the world. Transparent and open to all Truths, we are not afraid of reality, instead we work to solutions.

Who we are:
We are a group of social innovators, philosophers and essentially people of the world. From a range of backgrounds understanding sciences, business, psychology, technology, politics to farming and network creation we together work on effective projects to acheive our main set of objectives even discussing the inspirational elements needed and essential in development. We evoke all areas and find no 'impossible'.

Our Purpose:
• Network for Organised Knowledge/Information and Idea Sharing on the World, it's current state and it's potential future.
• Initiate active participation in World Development; Sustainability and Social Innovation.
• Create Local groups to fulfill objectives; We begin to work locally and then change globally.

Objectives (To be further updated after Launch):
• Promote Sustainable Agriculture - Understand, Analyse, and Solve the Food Security Problem.
• Share knowledge to Rest of world to make issues more known.
• Promote Sustainable Living
• Promote Social Innovation and Reduce, Eradicate and Assist to wipe out poverty.
• Promote Learning, create schools, learning platforms and generate ideas on solutions to tackle world problems.



poverty; hunger; water insecurity; disease; climate change; inequality; ignorance; apathy


economic opportunity; better education; food security; clean water access; sustainable energy; positive health outcomes; happiness; human rights; justice; community; resilience; Truth.


Thank You Team! Can't wait to read everyones feedback!


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  • Luuk says:

    Hi Radhika, Still do not understand, why my photo does not get into the profile and why it does say that it hides my activity,Like to be part of the network , but is impossible when I cannot react or display my thoughts.

    May 17, 2010 at 6:04 PM | Permalink


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