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My water visionary is Michelle Angela Kim with her post:

I'm assisting her with the effort, trying to contribute to its success.

I will contribute the asymmetric engagement perspective.

I'm proposing that we petition to the WB, WHO, UN, etc.
for them to ask Pepsico, evian, etc to start selling water in Africa at the
same price they sell soda. MAK informs me that they are selling
water in some places at 3 times the price of soda.

In addition Im proposing that we petition the aforementioned organizations
to work with the aforementioned companies to fund serious research and
massive production of resilient clean water solutions
for the people of the world that need them.

As a plan B, I propose a class action suit to the aforementioned companies.
We would need a legal tiger team for that of about 20-30 lawyers.
Any lawyers here?

I reckon we need to involve people like Michael Moore and Oprah,
if it is to get past tipping point exposure.


Ok, petition created here:

EVOKES petition for the water crisis
The Petition

"We propose to the bottling companies of the world
(Pepsi, Evian, etc.) and to the international governing bodies
(UN, WB, WHO, etc.) to find ways to sell drinking water to
people in Africa at the same price soda is provided to them.
In addition, we petition for all of you to find a way
to fund serious research and massive production
of resilient clean water generation systems
for the all the people of the world."


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