The World: 195 Countries, 6.8 Billion people (Rough est 2010), 6809 Languages (Ref: Ethnologue)

195 Countries, roughly 6.8 Billion people, and estimated 6,809 languages in our world, do you know the world you are living in? I have visited 12 countries (footnote 1), a vast number of places and still feel, what is the word..ignorant when looking at the numbers above. Knowing there are so many more countries in the world, I only wake up each morning, hoping to visit at least half once before the end of my days...thats a minimum of another 85; Gain more awareness, increase the communication between the countries and people of our world and enrich our understanding. Communication has boomed with the explosion of news channels, newspapers, magazines and marketing, but are our pictures clear and real? Every country your in you see different footage, hear different stories and face mass differences in what I will call 'prioritisations' of news and sometimes what seems people in the world.

Now I completely understand why each news channel or paper has to make decisisons on which news it publishes, what country to focus on today and the coming week, but why is it that the headlines of all newspapers in each country always are near enough the same? Maybe its only me but do you not also find it very unsatisfying? Having searched the web through more than 20 smaller newspapers, 23+ different feeds and more than an hour and a half further I still am sure I have not found a story on each country in the world to keep me wholly up to date with my world.

I wish I could meet atleast a person from every country, hear a story about every dialect and see the most never before heard of beauties that have not yet been discovered in the most distant places. Minus that in a more than romantic way, I strongly believe in the possibilities of global communication building communities, uniting people in a unaminous manner and being able to in some way find ways to feel more trust, faith and empathy to us all. We all like to believe we are global, but there are still so many divides and it's not our fault. But a increase in communication, sharing, understanding and awareness will I hope reduce this.

Participate! I look forward to learning, understanding and being closer to your world.Where are you from? Where have you been? What are the most amazing things you have seen and what is something close to home, you feel is special and can share with us? No matter how obvious it seems to you, I assure you it might be fasinating to another.


Example for me:- I have grown up in Spain, England and The Netherlands. Some fun, more intimate facts. In the Netherlands oppurtunities for the young are amazing, children can try so many things at no cost over a couple of weeks each year. English multiculturalism really differs from London to Birmingham to other cities in England, yet some wit is common, and the drinking culture really is nationwide. Spain; the Spanish, sometimes come across cold, due to language norms odd to other cultures (Statement based on countries I personally have visited), yet really the Spanish are extremely loving people. Large emphasis is placed on family and trust, loyalty,sharing and faith.


1. Countries Visited:











U.K; England, Scotland, Wales, N.Ireland






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Lived in UK & NL + 6 months in Australia (sydney) during my exchange program


In general i take a slightly harder stance on global integration, I dont think we are ready yet. It doesn't mean we shouldn't be working towards but we need to stay alert to fascism, terrorism etc. (both are on the rise) And work harder are beating down income inequality, prejudice, and national egoism.


In any case, some of the best multiculturalism iv'e seen comes in small acts of kindness. When your put in a situation where you dont know alot of people and they are all Dutch (im british) they are often cold to you. But if one person amongst them extends a hand or just comes over for a chat, that takes integrity, and often such a small gesture is enough to open up the rest of the room too.



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