Cloud Computing; VPN connections - Bringing work/information anywhere you are.

A lot has changed in recent years. Especially in the United States more and more companies are investing in I.T solutions allowing employees to work wherever they are. IF abroad, at home due to whatever reasons, on a leave or in a different country for whatever reason and period of time with new I.T solutions you can access work, your e-mail inbox and company intranet from all over the world and even mobile. 

Cloud computing is bringing online server solutions, brining I.T flexibility and allowing SMEs and corporations to have their networks controlled by experts, secure and easily accessed wherever you are. Making it possible for enterprises to outsource storage, bringing a significant possible reduction in costs to SMEs and new businesses in developing countries. I.T solutions are bringing internet solutions, opening a world to information and through virtual network systems making it possible for people to work without having to be in an office. The green oppurtunities of these developments is often overlooked as well as efficiency prospects.

The cost of the services..yes they must be considered but with hopes of costs coming down in the coming years and efficiency prospects do make these great opprutunities, developments for the future.

In developing countries with lacking transport infustructure bringing work to employees whereever they are can be vital to obtain international partnership, support and hold a international employee base, giving significant marketing and business advantages.

VPN in brief/Technical

A virtual private network (VPN) is a computer network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure such as the Internet to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their organization's network. It aims to avoid an expensive system of owned or leased lines that can be used by only one organization. (


With a number of I.T Solutions companies having programmes in developing countries, we can only hope they are accessible for the locals to use and have access to these services and support from these international mind blowing I.T organisations.


Anyone working in developing countries or able to highlight even more the oppurtunities and further I.T developments out there that really need to be highlighted as essential in business development please post, comment and bring to our community.

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