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Professor Muhammad Yunus - Grameen Bank

Professor Muhammad Yunus - Grameen Bank

Bringing a different light and innovation, spreading microfinancing for development and growth.

Believing in sharing knowledge and growth from the bottom up. That change also has to come by people who want to see and make their own future and change, I feel Muhammad Yunus is one of my Heros. Microfinancing is a way of giving the poor who are unable to obtain normal bank loans a means of obtaining financial support, loans and credit to spur their entreprenurship.

As a economist he enlighted my world of economics, but more so I post him here as a hero because starting the Grameen Bank in 1974 even before I was born with only $27 of his own money, but within 30 years holding 6.6million borrows, 97% women who are building Bangladesh you can only admire his contribution to growth and give him credit for the many innovative programs now taking place for the rural poor. Especially in countries where the male bread winner has been a known model, he made both social, educational and innovative change. He combined capitalism with social change and this is exactly what we need in the World today. He won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, suprised as on the surface his work seems not to do directly with peace, his work created a world change at the look of micro finance and brought more countries and banks to evolve and with this hope of innovation and a chance to be enrepreniers by even the least wealthy, he have many less need as I see it to create civil wars. At the age of 66 recieving the award what makes him all the more heroic he announced immediately; ' My $1.35 million prize money will go to find more innovative ways of helping the poor Bangladeshi citizens launch businesses'.


Yunus has served on many committees dealing with education, population, health, disaster prevention, banking, and development programs. He is on the boards of many international organizations
including Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia, the Calvert World Values Fund, and Foundation for International Community Assistance, the National Council for Freedom from Hunger, RESULTS and the International Council of Ashoka Foundation. (www.bangladesh.com)

He changed the world of economics and banking amongst society and even worked from 1974-1980 in politics and changing the face of urban farming in Bangladesh to be sustainable and wealth sharing to a community in a system called Tebhaga Khamar; a system of cooperative three-share farming.

Muhammad Yunus is a hero. My hero for having fought and worked with the government for social change and changed and opened the doors for so many people, changing the landscape of a country to more communual. To quote the Nobel Prize Committee: ' Development such as this is useful in human rights and democracy'.

What he's done in Bangladesh I hope to be a great part to do in India and the rest of the world alongside setting up Education facilities to help mentor and overlook these micro loans to boost their sucess and sustainability.

To keep this blog not to long and readable I am going to stop here on why he is so great and my innovation Hero who started a big part of my dream to create a development organisation myself soon in the future.

But I urge you to open the links below and see the further Grameenfoundation and organisations he has set up. The change's he's made and how he is a real Innovation HERO.

http://www.grameen-info.org/ ; -

To follow his work - always updated:

http://muhammadyunus.org/ -

Add him as a friend on facebook:


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